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Our mission is to improve the environment for doing business in Central America by strengthening the rule of law, liberal democracy, and free market capitalism through public policy research and strategic litigation initiatives.

The latest from Central America’s struggle for freedom!

It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’

Published originally on Forbes.com What happened in Honduras on June 28 was not a military coup. It was the constitutional removal of a president who abused his powers and tried to subvert the country’s democratic institutions in order to stay in office. The extent to which this episode has been misreported is truly remarkable. HereContinue reading “It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’”

The ZEDEs are channels for the exercise of popular sovereignty

Originally published on Diario La Tribuna, Diario La Prensa, and Diario Roatán on June 23rd, 2021 As for the expert, Jorge Colindres, he said that the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) are channels for the exercise of sovereignty and not for violating it. In the first five years, in the three ZEDEs thatContinue reading “The ZEDEs are channels for the exercise of popular sovereignty”

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