The ZEDEs are channels for the exercise of popular sovereignty

Originally published on Diario La Tribuna, Diario La Prensa, and Diario Roatán on June 23rd, 2021

As for the expert, Jorge Colindres, he said that the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) are channels for the exercise of sovereignty and not for violating it.

In the first five years, in the three ZEDEs that are built in Roatán, Islas de la Bahía; Choloma, Cortés and Choluteca, some 700 million dollars (L16,940 million) will be invested, according to the government, however, other sectors ensure that sovereignty is delivered.

In that order, Colindres, who is an expert in the ZEDEs, said that “the ZEDEs are a mechanism to decentralize the State of Honduras and allow decisions on public affairs to be channeled through a local government.”

He stressed that “the ZEDE are part of the political division of the State, and are a channel for the exercise of sovereignty and do not violate it.” In addition, he assured that “the only way for a ZEDE to enter into operations is with the consent of all the people who will be under its jurisdiction, that is the basis of the legitimacy of any government.”

In other words, “a ZEDE can only enter into operation with the consent of the population that will reside in that place,” he stressed.”

If a ZEDE is to be located in an area with a high population density, a plebiscite is required, which represents an exercise of sovereignty, it is a channel of sovereignty through which the people express their will to want to live under a ZEDE regime”, he emphasized.” On the other hand, when a ZEDE is to be installed in a sector with low population density, then only the consent of all the people who will live under its jurisdiction is required,” he said.

In that sense, he highlighted that “the Próspera ZEDE that is built in Roatán, Islas de la Bahía, is the only public authority not only in Honduras, but also in Latin America that has the consent of 100% of the people who are subject to its jurisdiction, which is an exercise of sovereignty”.

“What happens is that some sectors want people who do not live in the ZEDE to be consulted about the citizens who do want to live in these zones and exercise their sovereignty through a local government”, he ended.

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