It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’

Published originally on What happened in Honduras on June 28 was not a military coup. It was the constitutional removal of a president who abused his powers and tried to subvert the country’s democratic institutions in order to stay in office. The extent to which this episode has been misreported is truly remarkable. HereContinue reading “It Wasn’t A ‘Coup’”

The ZEDEs are channels for the exercise of popular sovereignty

Originally published on Diario La Tribuna, Diario La Prensa, and Diario Roatán on June 23rd, 2021 As for the expert, Jorge Colindres, he said that the Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE) are channels for the exercise of sovereignty and not for violating it. In the first five years, in the three ZEDEs thatContinue reading “The ZEDEs are channels for the exercise of popular sovereignty”

Honduras And Constitutional Democracy

Originally published on July 9th, 2009 at the New Republic. David Fontana is associate professor of law at George Washington University. Here in the United States, the removal of President Manuel Zelaya of Honduras has prompted disparate reactions from the political right and political left.Conservatives (fearing the influence of Hugo Chavez and his authoritarian brandContinue reading “Honduras And Constitutional Democracy”

Why Honduras’s Judiciary Is Its Most Dangerous Branch

Originally published on June 25, 2015 at the New York Times. Republished for educational purposes as a very relevant constitutional analysis for the understanding of abuse of political power in the Honduran republic. By Brian Sheppard and David Landau In April, Honduras’s Supreme Court invalidated the country’s rigid presidential term limit — and drastically undermined its Constitution. TheContinue reading “Why Honduras’s Judiciary Is Its Most Dangerous Branch”

Dear Mr. President, Security Does Not Create Development

Originally published on April 9th, 2019 at the Mises Institute’s Mises Wire. Recently, Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez met with the board of directors of the association of Honduran municipalities (AMHON). In this meeting, AMHON expressed support towards the President’s request to congress to increase the number of police and military units fighting gang violenceContinue reading “Dear Mr. President, Security Does Not Create Development”